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Multi-Asset Portfolios

Alpha Quant Multi-Asset Portfolios combine ETFs, mutual funds, and proprietary equity strategies in risk- and cost-optimized solutions to meet investors’ needs.

Why Invest in Alpha Quant Multi-Asset Portfolios?

Open architecture: Our clients benefit from our approach that employs both proprietary and third-party investment strategies based on unique expertise in specific asset classes.

Defined process: We apply a rigorous quantitative process that optimally blends uncorrelated investments to target a pre-determined level of risk.

Cost-sensitive: We minimize the overall cost structure of the portfolio by selecting the investment vehicles with a favorable trade-off between cost and expected performance.

Alpha Quant currently offers three types of Multi-Asset Portfolios:

Alpha Quant Efficient Portfolios

Comprised of five risk based options; ranging from conservative to growth.

A cost-efficient, core solution targeting above market returns and lower volatility.

Optimal combination of Alpha Quant Equity Strategies, ETFs, and selective mutual funds and alternative strategies.

Alpha Quant Real Income Portfolios

Two options available: A real, or inflation-adjusted and an income and capital growth.

Quality, duration, and credit quality are not sacrificed to enhance yield.

Optimal combination of Alpha Quant Dividend Equity Strategy, mutual funds, and ETFs.

Alpha Quant ETF Portfolios

Comprised of five risk-based options; ranging from conservative to growth.

A low-cost, liquid, core solution targeting market-like returns and lower volatility.

Optimal combination of ETFs with selective use of mutual funds.