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Equity Strategies

Alpha Quant Equity Strategies

Our belief is that a disciplined, model-driven investment management approach has the potential to generate enhanced investment returns. Our structured research process shapes our investment perspectives and brings about opportunities to provide improved performance to our clients.

Why Invest in Alpha Quant Equity Strategies?

Alpha Quant Equity Strategies are:

  • Active: We manage concentrated, prominently active strategies designed to add value through stock selection.
  • Transparent: Our strategies are driven by concepts rooted in fundamental analysis and supported by empirical evidence. Portfolios coherently display specific fundamental attributes.
  • Disciplined: We manage portfolios through a disciplined, rules-based process to insulate ourselves from market noise and to avoid overreaction to short-term events.
  • Diverse: A distinct set of fundamental factors drive each strategy. As a result, our strategies tend to exhibit low cross-correlation of excess returns. 

Alpha Quant currently offers four equity strategies:

Alpha Quant Core Equity
Alpha Quant Dividend Equity
A blend of growth and value stocks, consisting primarily of large-cap stocks with the flexibility to hold mid-cap stocks. The strategy exhibits attractive fundamental and valuation metrics.
A high conviction portfolio that aims to generate high risk-adjusted returns by investing in companies that offer a favorable combination of dividend yield and growth.
Alpha Quant Quality Equity
Alpha Quant Value Equity
A high conviction, high quality portfolio consisting of stocks that display strong fundamentals and reasonable valuations.
A high conviction portfolio that exhibits attractive valuations across large- and mid-cap stocks.